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Wishing Well
The   wishing   well   planter   DIY   plan   is   something   that   feels   so   right.   We   are   very   pleased   to   present   the wishing    well    planter.    The    wishing    well    planter    is    a    re-thinking    of    a    long    standing    favorite    yard decoration.   The   project   makes   great   use   of   vertical   lines   leading   to   a   proportioned   and   great   looking appearance.   The   side   panels   are   tongue   and   groove   with   the   corners   actually   forming   the   legs.   The   roof provides   openings   between   the   panels   to   allow   for   water   and   sunlight.   Unlike   most   wishing   well   “covers” the   wishing   well   planter   is   in   fact   a   planter!   It   includes   a   large   (14”   x   25”)   removable   planter   box   with integral   handles   for   easy   removal.   It   will   almost   exactly   hold   a   single   flat   of   flowers.   It   also   includes   a working    crank    mechanism    that    allows    for    vertical    height    placement    of    the    bucket.    The    bucket    is    a “traditional”    style    wooden    bucket    that    can    be    used    to    plant    additional    flowers.    In    additional,    the underside   panel   framing   and   the   use   of   gussets   leads   to   an   incredibly   stable   and   robust   design.   In development   for   nearly   10   months,   no   detail   has   been   overlooked.   We   feel   very   strongly   that   this   project will be a great addition to your home and will be sure to get a lot of attention!
Estimated Construction time: 40 Hours Estimated Construction Costs: $ 250.00
Plan Cost: $19.95
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Wishing Well Planter
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