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            Living   in   the   country   has   given   us   lots   of   experience   with   birds.   We   have   had   robins   build   their   nests   under   our deck   preventing   us   from   going   out   there   in   fear   they’d   stay   away   from   their   eggs   too   long.   We   have   also   had   blue jays   pecking   holes   in   our   trim.   I   have   no   idea   why   they   do   that   but   I   sure   hate   it.   Just   a   couple   of   days   ago   there was   a   baby   finch   in   the   grass   who   had   apparently   fallen   out   of   his   nest.   My   wife   gently   moved   him   to   a   safe   area making sure not to get the human smell on him. I noticed him while I came upon him while cutting the grass!             All   of   this   aside   we   have   had   some   great   experiences   too.   Many   times   during   the   spring   and   summer   we   are awakened   in   the   morning   to   their   singing   and   chirping   outside   our   open   window.   We   have   a   great   variety   of   birds coming   and   going.   One   early   weekend   morning   while   sitting   on   my   front   porch   I   noticed   that   a   rather   large   area   of our   open   grass   was   covered   with   hundreds   of   birds   feeding.   As   I   watched   them   I   began   to   realize   that   they   were all   the   same   kind.   Ahhh,   I   thought,   is   this   where   the   saying   “birds   of   a   feather   flock   together”   comes   from?   An   old saying   coming   out   of   a   simpler   time   when   people   had   more   time   and   less   distractions   to   be   able   to   watch   and reflect   on   such   things.   Anyway,   not   sure   about   that   old   saying   but   by   being   able   to   build   two   modern   birdhouses from   this   plan   you   may   be   able   to   fight   back   on   the   complexities   of   the   modern   world   and   develop   your   own modern saying. Can I suggest? “birds of a feather live together”.
Traditional Birdhouse
Free Traditional Bird House Plan Traditional Birdhouse Plan
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