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The Old Barn Birdhouse
Here is a little history about this plan A   few   years   back   a   friend   of   ours   that   was   a   volunteer   at   Highland   Recreation   Area   (A   state   park   that was   originally   owned   by   Edsel   B.   Ford,   son   of   Henry   Ford)   came   to   us   with   an   issue.   There   was   a rather   large   windstorm   that   destroyed   most   of   the   sheep   barn   that   had   been   constructed   by   Edsel   on that   property.   Our   friend   was   looking   for   ways   of   raising   funds   to   help   restore   the   structure.   He suggested   that   perhaps   we   could   design   something   using   the   materials   that   came   from   the   structure. We   agreed   to   see   what   we   could   come   up   with.   He   provided   some   materials   like   tongue   and   grove siding   and   roofing   shingles.   We   took   a   look   at   pictures   on   the   FOHRA   website   and   was   really   struck by   the   3   roofs   of   the   barn.   We   designed   a   birdhouse   for   them   that   had   triple   roof   lines   and   used   the material   from   the   original   structure.   The   finished   product   was   well   received   by   their   group.   So   then we   decided   that   we   would   modify   that   plan   for   THEPLANSPLACE.   We   cut   the   roof   line   back   to   two and   added   some   other   great   features.   We   wanted   to   create   something   that   was   good   to   look   at   and that   had   hometown   feel.   This   plan   has   an   easy   hang   system   and   can   be   personalized   by   burning your   name   or   hometown   name   into   it.   We   think   you’ll   agree   that   this   is   a   very   unique   design.   Here’s the   thing,   sometimes   doing   something   for   others   leads   to   a   great   outcome   not   just   for   others   but   for yourself too.
Estimated Build Time: 4 Hours Estimated Construction Costs: $20.00
Plan Cost: $11.95
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Old Barn Birdhouse Plan Francis the Bird
Hey,    we    want    to    introduce    you    to    Francis    the Bird.   He   gets   kind   of   cranked   up   when   we   sell his      image      without      introducing      him.      Sorry Francis!    Yea,    he’s    named    after    Saint    Francis. Are you happy now? Gees! So sensitive.
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Old Barn Birdhouse
ThePlansPlace   is   pleased   to   present   the   The   Old Barn   Birdhouse.   The   finished   project   is   slightly   over a   foot   high,   8”   wide   and   7”   deep.   The   plan   feature   an easy   hanging   system,   pinned   lower   clean-out   door and   an   optional   rear   wall   for   table   top   placement. The    birdhouse    is    designed    for    smaller*    birds    and meets   design   requirements   of   many   bird   watching organizations. The plan package includes: 15   pages   of   detailed   8-½”X11”   prints   including several   full   sized   templates   including   a   letter template   for   word   burning   names/other   around the     hole.     A     template     for     Francis     is     also included! A   complete   materials   list   including   hyperlinks   to each purchased component. The plan background. Construction lessons learned and tips. List of tools used in the construction. Step by step outline of construction steps. Link to construction photo’s and final assembly.
*Smaller bird such as Chickadees, Nuthatches, Downy Woodpeckers, Titmice, Wrens and House Sparrow