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The Wedding Pergola
ThePlansPlace   is   pleased   to   present   the   Wedding Pergola.   The   final   project   is   slightly   over   8’   tall   with more   than   7’   of   head   clearance.   It   is   5   feet   wide   and 3 feet deep. The plan package includes: 20   pages   of   detailed   8-½”X11”   prints   including several    full    sized    templates    to    assist    with construction. A   complete   materials   list   including   hyperlinks   to each purchased component. The plan background. Construction lessons learned and tips. List of tools used in the construction. Step by step outline of construction steps. Link to construction photo’s and final assembly. This   pergola   was   used   for   an   actual   wedding   and was VERY well received! Lots of complements!
 Wedding Pergola Pergola Plan
Estimated construction costs : $275 Estimated construction time : 20 hours Purchase Plan Package: $17.50
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