Paper Towel Holder Plan
Project Description ThePlansPlace is pleased to present the Paper Towel Holder Plan. The paper towel holder plan is a stylish oak design with brass accents including a brass knob, spring and fasteners. The project can be built for being located on a counter top or being hung from the bottom of a cabinet by just a couple simple part differences. Included with the plan is an alternate design that simplifies the construction. The torsion spring mounted on the RH support/base allows the side to smoothly rotate outwards and allows for easy loading and unloading of paper towel rolls. The spring load on the roll allows for one handed tear off of paper sheets and keeps the towel from un-rolling. Best of all, it is easy and inexpensive to build. We really hope you’ll enjoy this.
Construction Time: 10 HOURS Estimated Cost: $50.00 Plan Cost: $9.95
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Paper Towel Holder Photo Paper Towel Holder Plan
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Paper Towel Holder Project

Paper Towel Holder Plan