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Just   wanted   to   give   you   some   news   on   ThePlansPlace.   We   will   continue   to design    and    build    DIY    project    plans    in    hopes    that    we    can    build    your confidence   in   us.   We   will   give   you   updates   on   new   products   as   they   are   in the   building   stages.   This   can   help   you   decide   if   this   is   one   of   the   new products   you   might   be   interested   in   trying.   If   it   is   something   for   you   then you   could   send   us   an   email   and   we   will   let   you   know   just   when   the   plan   will be   ready   for   you   to   purchase.   Please   check   out   some   of   our   future   plans.   If you   see   something   that   might   interest   you,   send   us   an   email   for   more information.   If   we   get   enough   interest   we   may   move   it   up   on   the   list.   By   the way,   you   can   always   send   us   your   plan   ideas.   We   are   always   on   the   look out for new ideas! Thank you for visiting our web site!
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