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ThePlansPlace   is   excited   to   present   the   Linear   Candle   Holder   plan.   We   have   made   a   number   of   these   and   got   some really   great   feedback   from   those   that   have   seen   them.   They   really   look   great   lit   up   in   that   special   place!   This   DIY project   is   fun,   easy   and   best   of   all   inexpensive   to   build.   The   design   consists   of   multiple   votive   candles   evenly   spaced on   a   wood   base.   This   plan   provides   direction   to   make   from   a   one   place   to   a   seven   place   candle   votive.   The   design has   been   computer   optimized   to   make   several   different   sized   candle   holders   from   a   single   standard   length   piece   of wood   (very   little   scrap).   Each   candle   holder   can   be   made   very   unique   by   the   type   of   material,   votive,   finish   and   edge configuration   selected.   This   DIY   plan   includes   fully   dimensioned   and   detailed   prints,   photo’s,   and   materials   list   also tips to get the project moving quickly. We think you are going to like this one!
Lets see where your imagination can take you. How about a romantic dinner with the one you love, or arrange in your fire place for a summer time glow. This plan can be used for multiple reasons. Go ahead give it a try, romance can be the end results.
Estimated Construction Time: 10 hours Estimated Construction Costs (Oak): $50.00
Plan Cost: $4.95
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