The registration and payment process will be entirely online for this show. However, if you desire to fill out a paper contract and send a check, contact us and we’ll make arrangements. Contact Terri @ 248-255-6452 (call or text) or email us at Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns! Food Vendors, please contact us prior to registering. We are trying to make sure we don’t duplicate menu items. Contact Nicole @ 248-935-0553 or email at
Click on the link below. It will take you to a Google form. Fill that out and submit it. That sends us an email and we download the information like email, time stamp, items for sale, etc. It helps a lot with planning and organizing the show. Then go to HOW TO PAY.
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When: Saturday September 4 th 2021 Time: tbd (Setup 2pm, Show 4PM) Cost: $125 (10’ X 10’ site) Where: Save A Lot Complex 722 Highland Road (Field) Highland, MI 48357 (See plot plan below for food location)
Note: Question regarding the show? Contact us. See first bullet point below.
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This event offers a lot of potential. This is Highlands traditional 4th of July moved to September!
Craft/Vendor/Food setup starts at 2PM (tbd) Band starts at 6PM Bounce house, pony rides, beer tent! City says past show have had 3000-5000 attend! Food Trucks (Not sure what goodies we’ll have yet but we have a list!) Fireworks! (Sunset Sept 4th ~ 8PM) City plans to advertise the show too!
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Founders Day Crafters Non-Food Vendor
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