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Bread Box Cad
The Old Fashioned Bread Box
Storage Shed (12X14) Game Table The Large Family Formal Dining Yard Windmill Table Shelf Tiki Bar Porch Swing Spankie Glider Book Shelves -Oak
This   is   a   look   at   our   upcoming   DIY   plans   and   we   have   many   more   that   are   not   yet   on the list. Please let us know if you see something that interests you. 
Knock On Wood Rolltop Breadbox Tiki Bar Tiki Bar Plan
The Tiki Bar
Chess/Checker Board Gazebo The Large Family Dining Room Table Utility Cart Letter Holder Billiards-Cue Holder Billiards-Ball Holder Table Shelf
Future Plans
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The   Breadbox   on   the   left   was   made   by   a   California   company   called   Knock   On   Wood   Corporation.   We believe    it    is    from    the    1940’s.    Breadboxes    were    a    very    common    household    item    until    the    1960’s. Breadboxes   started   to   disappear   when   bread   began   to   come   in   plastic   bags   and   have   preservatives   added. We   are   told   that   they   are   making   a   bit   of   a   come   back   with   those   who   like   to   bake   their   own   bread.   So,   our plan   is   to   reproduce   this   breadbox.   We   intend   to   stay   true   to   the   original   design   as   much   as   possible.   We may   try   to   hide   exposed   fasteners   unlike   the   original.   The   initial   CAD   is   complete   so   now   it’s   a   question   of working   out   the   finer   details   and   getting   it   built.   Stay   tuned.   I   think   we   intend   to   burn   the   Bread/Wheat   on the front cover with our laser!