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 Bulletin Box Plan
ThePlansPlace    is    very    pleased    to    present    the    DIY    church    bulletin    holder    designed    to    hold around   (100)   8-1/2”   x   11”   bulletins.   The   front   door   glass   allows   users   to   see   the   bulletins   and those   responsible   for   filling   when   the   box   is   empty.   The   front   door   assembly   is   counter   balanced so   that   it   returns   to   the   closed   position   when   the   door   handle   is   released.   The   back   wall   has rubber   bumpers   that   eliminate   noise   and   shock   when   the   door   returns.   The   polished   brass   front door   handle   provides   for   visible   and   easy   opening   access.   The   bulletin   holder   has   a   sliding   door track   with   low   friction   hinge   bushings   that   provides   for   smooth   door   opening   and   prevents   over travel   of   the   door   assembly.   The   bulletin   holder   provides   attachment   features   on   the   back   wall that   allows   for   easy   mounting   to   drywall   or   masonry.   The   cedar   design   with   a   urethane   exterior finish   allow   the   bulletin   holder   to   be   mounted   outside.   We   think   you   will   be   very   pleased   with   the finished product and it will provide service long into the future
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Estimated Construction Time: 30 Hours Estimated Construction Cost: $170.00
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Bulletin Box
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