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Our Mission Statement The   mission   of   THEPLANSPLACE   is   to   provide   products   that   enrich   and   improve   the   lives   of   our customers.   We   strive   to   provide   innovative   and   unique   project   plans   that   are   inexpensive   to   purchase, simple   to   understand   and   can   be   constructed   with   common   tools   and   materials   in   the   quickest   possible time.   Each   plan   is   designed   by   an   experienced   engineer   using   sold   modeling   in   a   3D   CAD   package and   is   constructed   to   verify   the   design   and   correct   any   possible   design   issues.   Each   plan   includes   a completely detailed print, materials list and additional useful information.
About Our Plans • Each plan comes with a fully detailed and dimensioned PDF print. The print shows all the part names, overall size, dimensions in inches and full size templates where possible. • Supporting and background documentation including: 1. Mission Statement 2. Project Description 3. Plan Background (Where’d we come up with this from?) 4. Safety Considerations 5. General Notes and Tips 6. Tools Required (These are the tools we used) 7. Lessons Learned (This is what we learned when we built the project. Things to watch for to end up with excellent results) 8. General Direction (Recent plans, step by step what we did in construction and build time) 9. Websites of Interest (Some interesting things we found or resources) 10. 3D CAD and Final Pictures 11. Materials List (This shows part by part what we bought and where we bought it and how much we paid. Recent plans have a direct Internet link to the parts we bought)
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