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About our project plans
Probably the first thing to understand about our project plans is that they are fully designed/modeled in a 3D CAD package. We build each plan to verify and correct any possible design or construction issues. We consider our plans as a premium engineered product.
·    General   directions.   We   include   an   outline   of   each   step   that   we   took   during construction. Here’s an example:
·   Additional photos of our completed project.    When   you   purchase   a   plan   package   we   will   provide   you   a   link   to   all   of   our construction   photo’s.   These   can   be   very   helpful.   Kind   of   a   picture   is   worth   a thousand   words   kind   of   thing.   These   are   available   for   most,   but   not   all   plans. Certainly all current and future plans will include this. . Contact us with any questions, comment or concerns.
· ·
· Plan background. How’d we come up with this plan? General notes and tips. Lessons   learned.   Basically,   what   did   we   learn   when   we   built   the   project   and                    what you’ll need to monitor during construction. Tools required. A list of the tools we used. Below is an example:
· · · Bird House Plan
To   purchase   a   plan   click   on   the                    button.   You   will   be   redirected   to   Pay   Pal where   you   can   complete   the   transaction.   After   the   transaction   is   completed   you   receive   a PDF download of the plan package. So, what’s in the package?
· A   completely   detailed   print   in   English   units   on   8-1/2   X   11”   pages.   The   print includes   general   dimensions,   part   names   and   in   some   cases   full   sized templates   to   help   speed   up   construction   time   and   improve   accuracy.   The images   below   are   good   examples.   If   you   would   like   to   get   a   better   idea, download   our   Free   Birdhouse   Plan.   The   plans   are   generally   arranged   in order   of   construction.   So,   work   your   way   through   the   document   to   build   the plan.
·       Materials   list.   We   provide   a   complete   list   of   the   parts   required   to   build   the plan.   It   will   show   you   what   we   bought   and   where   we   bought   it   and   how much   we   paid.   Newer   plans   have   a   hyperlink   to   the   part/item   on   line.   We also include the Item #. Below is a good example:
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