Note 1: This the ONLY site that you can use to register and pay. In the past we have seen some scamers trying to get people to pay in other locations! Note 2: The registration and payment process is online (below). However, if you desire to fill out a paper contract and send a check, contact us and we’ll make arrangements. Contact Terri @ 248-255-6452 (call or text) or email us at Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

2024 Craft Shows Registration & Payment Page

Crafters/Vendors/Food Vendors
2024 Highland Founders Day and Red, White & Blues
Red, White & Blues Craft/Vendor Show
Note 3: Food vendors, please contact us before registering. We are trying to make sure we don’t duplicate menu items. Contact Nicole @ 248-935-0553 or email at
Click on the Dot to Register/Pay
Process is slightly revised for 2024. The registration form is linked with Paypal. In the payment section you can choose which show and if you are a Crafter, Vendor or Food Vendor. There is also a discount option if you want to do both shows!
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